Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cooper Institute gets into serious video games!

8-28-12: The world-famous Cooper Institute, the non-profit arm of the Cooper Aerobic Center in Dallas, TX, has gotten into serious video games. Just came across this entry for The Quest to Lava Mountain in a contest for childhood obesity. You can see the trailer here and vote for it if you like it! Strictly a nutritional video game, but with the Cooper Institute getting into serious games, do you think that an exergame can't be far behind??? ;-)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Video games in the Olympics?

8-8-12: Rec'd this interesting article from Kotaku, discussing if video game play could make it into the Olympics. You can read more about it here. Got me thinking about the National Active Gaming League (NAGL) which I tried to organize a couple of years ago so glad to see this kind of thinking is still kicking around! Alas, if I had more time and $$ to really dedicate to the NAGL, maybe we could test this all out. Maybe someone who does have the resources will do it someday!