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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1st International exergame tournament!

6-30-08: A few days before our Independance day, the first ever (as far as I know!) international exergame tournament via the Net was held between the US and the UK. It featured the Gamercize equipment and the kids were using it to power a soccer game, which is probably why the UK won this first international exergame! (Hey, XRTZ is located in Redlands, the hometown of Landon Donvan (his family is still here) so maybe if we got him to play, the US could kick us butt! I heard he was a videogamer, as are most athletes.)

But XRTZ has laid down the gauntlet and has challenged Gamercizer's Richard Coshott CEO, Gamercize UK to another international match, date TBD, so stay tuned!!!

If you'd like to see a newsclip of this tournament from the US side (somewhere up in NorCal, near Sacramento, I believe), check out this video clip.

To see the news release on this first-ever international exergame tourney, go to Gamercize's blog.

I just rec'd word from Richard that now that he's done this pilot test tournament, they are working on much larger, multi-country exergame tournament, and we're working on getting XRTZ involved to help represent the USA!!! Watch for details to be announced.

Hopefully, this will spur other vendors to help get involved in exergaming tournaments. I can see our XRTZ members starting to train as soon as they hear about this tournament and will want to join Team XRTZ for this competition!

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