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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ninja @ exergame presentation!

2-3-11: For the first time, I really was a "ninja" at an exergaming session last night by Rachel Flynn (no relation to Sheryl), a PhD student in cognitive psychology at a local university (Univ. of Riverside) presenting on exergaming and her study she did last summer with a summer camp back in NYC with George Wa. Univ. and Northwestern.

It was really strange to be in an exergaming presentation where NO ONE knew who I was! I really felt like a ninja spy. I tried to bite my tongue when she asked if we had any questions, but did pipe in now and then.

Overall, she did a good job, and in her last slide, she credited Exergames Unlocked and for her resources! Her eyes grew big when I told her I knew Steven Yang well and that I was on the Exergames Unlocked grant! ;-)

We talked for quite a while after that, and hope to collaborate more with some research, especially involving impact of exergaming, interactive media, and cognition.

BTW, I was a double-ninja-spy because this presentation was being held in the Health Ed. dept. of a "competing" medical group, Riverside Medical Center!!! I told them afterwards, and they were cool about it. Health Ed folks are a friendly lot, even with competitors!

It's great to see exergaming research at other local universities and I want to do all I can to support that! ;-)

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