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Saturday, May 24, 2008

DC trip Part 1

5-24-08 Last Tues., May 20, 21 of us left on a red eye flight from LAX to Washington Dulles airport for a whirlwind time in DC. Our main reason for going was to attend the US Dream Academy's gala. XRTZ, thanks to Dr. Steve and Sheila Hodgkin, was one of the main sponsors that evening. In addition to the gala, we had time to tour around DC, as you can see....

Thanks to Steve and Sheila, some of us got to ride in style from their house to the airport. We had a toast at the start of our trip...
As the rest of the group came in, we were camped out in LAX waiting for our flight.
Arriving around 6 AM after over 5 hours on the plane, we attended a breakfast for Californians hosted by Senator Diane Feinstein. She was very articulate and a gracious host. I'm with my co-founder/COO, Joel Peterson, and his wife, Judy.
Here's most of our group--I think we were still missing one more couple.
While we were walking from the Senator's building over to the capitol in the underground tunnels, guess who this Senator that we met?
No, this isn't a ride in Disneyland, this is one of the underground trains that they have to get from one government building to another quickly. Our rep. can't be late for a vote or filibuster!
Getting a fine tour by 2 of Sen. Feinstein's interns, both from CA.
This is the very center of DC, and the spot used to survey everything from here. It's made out of a soft sandstone, and legend has it that if you step on it, you get good luck!
I made sure to step on it with both feet, so I could get double-good-luck. ;-)

While in DC, you have to try out the metro at least once!While waiting for our train, the women pose on the platform.
On the mall near all the Smithsonian museums.
The mall was a lot bigger than I imagined...
I got to see the Wright brother's airplane!

After touring around, it was time to go great ready for the gala....

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