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Friday, May 16, 2008

Speaking with The Dr. Tedd!

(L-R) Dr. Tedd, Dr. Michael (Prog. co-chair), yours truly, and Dr. Bill (conf. org.)

5-2-08: After getting to know the famous Dr. Tedd Mitchell (you can read his column every week in USA Weekend) way back in '93 when I did an internship at the Cooper Aerobic Center where he is currently the medical director, I finally had the chance to be on the same platform with him at a conference speaking!

We were both invited to speak on pediatric obesity at the Association for Osteopathic Sports Medicine conference in Kansas City. He gave the medical update on peds obesity, and I gave a presentation on exergaming as a clinical intervention and how we're treating it at the XRtainment Zone.

Dr. Bill and the conf. organizer, Valerie, were great hosts and KC is a great city. Also got to see some friends (Rob Wheat and Laura Fenton) while I was there as well.

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