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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sat. night interview with Penda

5-17-08: Sat. night, I spent some time talking with Penda, an "Aerobic Group Fitness Professional Instructor Extraodrdinaire and self-proclaiemd Goddess of Virtual Fitness". Check her website here.

She become an expert in the area of using the Wii in "group exercise" and is doing some excellent work researching and using this in the real-world setting.

We covered a lot of ground in our hour-long talk. If you'd like to hear the blogtalk interview, or see any of her other interviews (such as the history of the Wii), you can click here to get to her blogtalk URL. She said she's working on a text/pix blog so we can see and read all the various events and things she's doing with the Wii, and soon, the Wii Fit.

Check out what Penda is doing in Atlanta. She's one of the few people I know of that has really promoted the use of the Wii in group exercise. Hopefully, we can get her to present at next year's Games for Health conf. and run a demo session!

1 comment:

Penda said...

hanks for the post Ernie! And it was a two-hour interview! Can you believe it, it went so fast. Very interesting and informative. I've learned a lot from talking with you and have more "wiisearch" to do. Yes, I did get the Wii Fit and have started working with it. Right now my call is that Wii Fit will be quite challenging for people who have no knowledge of fitness training and yoga. I really think Nintendo crossed into an area where they did not get sufficient knowledge and collaboration, so I'd recommend caution when approaching Wii Fit.